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In Group Therapy, the process can take one of two forms known as 'Open Groups' or 'Closed Groups' and both have their pro's and con's. Open Groups allow new people to come into the program at any stage whereas a Closed Group means that the same group of people will go through the program together from start to finish.

The Empowered Recovery Groups program is a Closed Group and the next intake starts the week of the 25th March 2020.

The program consists of one 90 minute group session per week which is run from 6pm - 7:30pm and one individual session with your therapist each fortnight at a time that works for you.

To secure your place in the next intake, sign up today as numbers are limited.
Please note that payment is required in full prior to the start of the program and the deposit is non-refundable.
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How a daily gratitude list changed my life.

I thought I had everything that I needed in my life; a stable income, a safe home environment and a loving support network. However I couldn't help but notice that I wasn't feeling happy. Don't get me wrong, I had moments of happiness and excitement however I generally just felt a bit blah...

I thought I would start a daily gratitude list and take a photo of something I was grateful for every day and share it. I had no idea what to expect, though I knew it couldn't do any harm. 

My first picture was of my salt lamp, then a plant gifted to me, then a product not tested on animals, my view, my friends... and so on it went.


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3 Tips to Managing Stress as a Leader.

Being a leader in business is hard, add anxiety and depression into the mix and it can be debilitating and exhausting.

At the TARA Clinic we understand that it is important to entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders to be self sufficient and in control. As such, we can provide you with simple and effective tools that will reduce your symptoms quickly.

Here are 3 tips to help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively at work.

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6 Mental Health Resolutions Psychologists Say You Should Stick With This Year

With 20% of Australians due to experience a mental health issue this year, these are goals we can get behind.

New year, new you. They’re the four words that spark fear into the hearts of women each January. It’s a well-worn, cliched reminder we need to be constantly working on ourselves and quite frankly, it’s exhausting. This year, instead of torturing yourself with New Year’s resolutions that involve abolishing all the fun food groups from your diet, why not focus on some constructive goals that will help you stay on top of your mental health in 2020?

With 20% of Aussies due to experience a mental health issue this year - and almost half of us guaranteed to experience a mental illness in our lifetime - a psychologist-endorsed resolution that aims to help in this area can only be a positive, right?



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